Can’t believe another tryout season has come and gone

Well not completely gone—I guess there is that last step for these beauties…TRYOUTS. This time of year brings back memories---lots of them. It is probably the busiest and craziest time of my year---and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the course of this past month I had the privilege of photographing 48 beautiful women in their pursuit of their pro-cheerleading dreams. Majority are shooting for the same dream I had as a little girl---the NFL Sidelines.

This season was fun--pretty sure I saw my girl Liz nearly everyday this month (which was magical because I love my Liz.) With 48 photoshoots, 26 locations, 14,000 pictures, over 240 edits---not to mention countless laughs and good times later---I have one very happy heart. It feels good to be a part of these women’s journey---a journey I too went through.

Sometimes I wonder---what my life would have been like had I not put myself out there in front of those judges and beat out 1,100 women for a spot on a team of 34. Honestly---I can’t even imagine it---I can’t imagine a life without the joys, life experiences, opportunities, and friendships that came with becoming a Texans Cheerleader.

So to all my clients---you are already winners by stepping onto that field tomorrow. I hope you have fun! I hope you dance your little hearts out! I hope you pump up the jams when DJ RAN drops that beat! (haha! Yes I said that.)

But what I really hope---above all---is that at the end of this journey we are HTC Sisters. 

To My Vets---show 'em how it's done. We love you.