What. A. Party. Oh my goodness---this Sweet 16 was incredibly beautiful, fun, and full of love. I met the Vargas Family through my dear friends Sonya, Johnathan & Ariel. I’ve heard such fun and loving stories about this crew… that upon meeting them, I felt like we were old friends---we instantly connected and I felt like I was a part of the family! From the festive details, vibrant mariachi band, sweet toasts, delicious food and drinks to the killer dance moves and piñata smashing…this party was one for the books!

Mikaela, you have an amazing spirit and aura about you. I hope you love your pictures and treasure this moment in time. Life goes by fast. How lucky you are to be surrounded by such beautiful family and friends at such a fun and special time in your life.

Danielle and Rudy---thank you for the opportunity to capture this snapshot in time. You both exude happiness and your family is spectacular. Your babies (sigh---I guess they aren’t babies anymore…but they’ll always be your babies right?) are beautiful and it was my honor to be a part of such a special evening.