I don't know that there is anything more beautiful than a mom who wants to be the healthiest and best version of herself for her growing family. Michelle is a friend of mine from our good ole Klein High Cheerleading Days! She reached out to me to set up this goal photoshoot a few months after having her adorable son Camden. We shot this only 6 MONTHS after her giving birth to him. Talk about MOMMY GOALS. With exercise and a healthy meal plan this Advocare Representative was ready! She had an AMAZING and fun photoshoot! 

For all my mommy friends out there---let me just say...IT IS FUN TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY. You carried your kiddos for 9 months, care for them daily, worry about them constantly--there is NOTHING wrong with doing a little something for Y-O-U! These fitness photoshoots and goal photoshoots are a blast and I absolutely LOVE empowering women. 

Women Empowering Women. #LetsGo.